Accendis Perfumes

“We are all animated by the light in our souls, and we all perceive its significance in different ways. There is a knowledge in our souls that there is more to life than just physical reality. It is “magical”… Metaphysical in nature. The light of hope, love, passion, victory, and many other emotions is the essence of our lives.”

Accendis perfumes, the heart of this journey in search of light, have a worldwide vocation and experience impulses derived from many distant and unique cultures. Accendis perfumes are a manifestation of energy, and their common characteristics are resins and woods, which are emblems of life force. This work was inspired by Pop Art and Neo Pop Art, which hold that everything around us is a source of emotions, and that every object can have a different side than what you notice at first sight. The Accendis collection is a metaphorical journey through life. Accendis 0.1 is soft and powerful, Aclus is a triumph of totality, and Accendis 0.2 is intense.

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